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To make up for the lack of a physical conference for our community in 2021, we have organized an Online Seminar Series in HDX-MS.

Each seminar will feature one or two invited speakers to give a short talk on current hot topics within HDX-MS – and we will finish off each seminar with an informal Q/A session/coffee chat.

The seminars will each be 1-2 hours in length and held via Zoom on the 1st Thursday of the month at 15:00 UTC, starting 1st of April 2021.

We hope that many of you will want to join and contribute!


We proudly acknowledge sponsorships from Trajan, Waters Corporation, Sierra Analytics, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Omics Informatics (HDX Workbench).

Overview of seminars

DateTopicSpeaker(s)Affiliation of speakerHosts
1st Apr 2021Use of Statistics in HDX-MSDr. Darragh O’Brien
Dr. David Weis
University of Oxford
University of Kansas
Dr. Miklos Guttman
Dr. Kasper Rand
6th May 2021 HDX-MS in Integrated Structural BiologyDr. David Schriemer
Dr. Elizabeth Komives
University of Calgary
University of California San Diego
Dr. Sheena D’Arcy
Dr. Elyssia Gallagher
3rd Jun 2021 HDX-MS in drug discovery and development Dr. Richard Huang
Dr. Alfonso Espada
Bristol Myers Squibb
Eli Lilly and Company
Dr. Benjamin Walters
Dr. David Weis
2nd Sep 2021 HDX-MS and molecular dynamics Dr. Antoni Borysik
Dr. Didier Devaurs
King’s College London
University of Edinburgh
Dr. Benjamin Walters
Dr. Kasper Rand
7th Oct 2021Nontraditional HDX-MSDr. Eric Largy
Dr. Malvina Papanastasiou
Dr. Jamie Moroco
University of Bordeaux
Broad Institute
Broad Institute
Dr. Elyssia Gallagher
Dr. Sheena D’Arcy


The registration is now closed as the Online Seminar Series is done.

All you need to attend these online is an active society membership for the period 2021 (40 EUR). This small membership fee is key for us to keep the society going, especially during this pandemic. 

To register and make the payment online, follow the link below, and you will be put on the society member mailing list.

If you have an active membership you will receive, a few days in advance of each seminar, a zoom link so you can attend.